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Statement of Qualifications

Since 1992 Polyphalt has been at the forefront of technology development in the science of polymer modified asphalt (bitumen). The key features of all of the 9 process polymer modified asphalt technologies we have commercialized are;

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  • Polymer asphalt compatibility (no separation)
  • Superior handling characteristics
  • High polymer efficiency
  • Application flexibility
  • Cost effective

Polymer modified asphalt processes developed by Polyphalt are applicable to the following end-use products;

  • Hot-mix asphalt binders for pavement construction
  • Specialty hot mix binders for airport runways
  • Specialty hot mix binders for speedway construction
  • Asphalt binders for chip seal and other pavement surface treatments
  • Cold applied liquid roof coatings
  • Cold applied roofing cements and adhesives
  • Polymer modified asphalt saturants for commercial membranes
  • Polymer modified asphalt saturants for residential shingles


Over 100,000 tons of polymer modified asphalt cement is in commercial use based on the Polyphalt process. The following organizations use products based on the Polyphalt polymer modified asphalt processes;

  • State and Provincial roads authorities
  • County and municipal construction and maintenance departments
  • Commercial real estate and property management departments
  • Airport construction and maintenance departments
  • Speedway maintenance departments
  • Specialty asphalt coatings manufacturers
  • Commercial roofing manufacturers


Polyphalt's proprietary polymer modified asphalt production technology is in use for;

  • SHRP Performance Graded binders (PG binders)
  • PAC 30 and PAC 40
  • California MB4/5
  • PBA6, PBA6a, PBA6b and PBA7
  • Commercial roofing membrane saturants (-25C cold flex, 300%+ elongation to break

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